Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Sort of Thing Krista and I Talk About When We're Out on a Date (paraphrased)

Krista: Back when there weren't a lot of people living there, I bet the [San Francisco] Bay Area was a nicer place to live than here [Portland, OR].

Me: On the other hand there was a lot more to eat here.

Krista: I don't know. I'm sure there was plenty of food in the Bay Area, too.

Me: You know, the Native Americans near Mount Diablo lived on acorns.

Krista: I wasn't talking about back when there was nothing. I'm talking about something more like thirty years ago.

Me: Oh. I guess there would have been restaurants then.

Krista: The Natives in the Bay Area lived on boiled bark and acorn mash. The Natives here lived on salmon and berries.

Me: Yeah. It would have been better to live up here.

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