Thursday, June 19, 2008

Be always vigilant of your surroundings

Yes, it's night time at PDX. My flight leaves for Costa Rica at 12:30 am. Not much exciting to report. Here's what we have tonight:

1) Right when we pulled up and my friend Brian dropped me off (we were right in the middle of discussing our theology class) we watched as a small white car backed slowly into the new Mercedes behind it. It was a love tap, at best, but the Mercedes guy leapt out, checked his car for damage, and failing to find any, still went and yelled (screamed, maybe) at the person from the other car. I'm sure his anger helps in business or something, but what a lousy life, worrying about your car so much that you yell at people when nothing happened. Relax, pal! Looking back on it I realize that he hadn't dropped anyone off, and seemed to be waiting at the drop off point. That's weird. I wonder what his story was.

2) I noticed tonight that the wording on the looped announcement inside the airport is strange. It says "Be always vigilant." A little awkward, right? Why not, "Always be vigilant"? It's going to bother me now.

3) While I was talking to Krista on the phone some guy walked up and asked if he could use my cell phone when I was done. I told him that wouldn't be a problem, but that it might be a while. He said okay and then walked off and hasn't come back.

"Be always vigilant of your surroundings." The announcement just came on again. Why the inverted wording? It's going to drive me crazy. I probably won't be able to sleep on the plane because I'll just be wondering about it. It's probably Yoda's fault. Stupid little Jedi. Shaking my fist at Yoda, I am!

In the meantime, I'm working on being always vigilant... watching all these regular people here at the airport, so eccentric when pulled out of their contexts and placed on my blog. Good night, my fellow revolutionists. Good night, Angry Mercedes Man. Good night, Guy Who Needs a Phone and Would Like to Use Mine. Sleep well, wherever you are, and wherever you are flying to tonight.

Be always safe in your travels.

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