Tuesday, June 10, 2008

80 bucks worth of Karma

Last night I bought milk at the grocery store, used my ATM card and asked for forty bucks out of the till. The kid bagged my milk and handed me two bills, a twenty and a hundred.

I handed back the hundred and said, "I think you gave me too much."

"WHOA! That's awesome, man. Awesome. Thanks for doing that. Wow. Awesome." He then said something unintelligible about one of his fellow employees not putting money into the cash register correctly.

Then he looked at me and said, "You've got some good karma coming your way."

So I guess I have eighty bucks worth of good karma "coming my way." The check's in the mail. And I didn't even do a *good* thing, I just didn't do an evil thing.

So what can you get for eighty bucks worth of karma? And who writes the checks? For the record, Karma, I don't believe in you... don't know if you're as spiteful as Santa Claus and will therefore not fill my stockings with oranges, but I've heard you're just some mechanistic force, so if you exist feel free to make the check payable to MATT MIKALATOS. You can email me for the address.


  1. you think this is all we can be?! you think this is the best that we can do?!
    skinny's dead man! dead!

    oh by the way. ive been getting a lot more traffic. i had a fleeting thought maybe i should write about more meaningful things. where did that thought go? only God knows...

  2. I still can't believe that poor rich girl almost had to go to an Ivy League College. Thank God that Tyler came to his senses and bought some tights.

    p.s. You know their relationship is never going to work, right?

  3. This was so amusing that if I had eighty bucks I'd send you a check. Alas.

  4. I am shaking my fist at Karma right now!