Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Links

Hello Darlings--

I just added a few links which I should have added before, but I am lazy. And I deleted a couple who hadn't updated in the last SIX MONTHS. I assume your blog is done at that point.

New blogs to enjoy: Pink Couch, with Carolyn Culbertson. Sit in on her pink couch and learn from the desert saints, the dessert saints, and receive deep insights. More fun than a barrel full of monks!

The Official Blog of Dann Stockton. Imagine that Animal from the Muppet Show had a blog, but that instead of saying "Drums" and "Wo-man" he could actually speak and share his thoughts about his time on tour with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Except that his name is Dann and he is on tour with The Autumn Film.

Rocking it Indy Style is the blog of the incomparable Aubrea. She also sends out notes from the Autumn Film's tour. Aubrea also has a secret blog which she has not invited me to join. No doubt it is full of hilarious stories from the road and her deepest thoughts and feelings. But I am not bitter.

Lastly, we have Juli, also of the Autumn Film, with the Rockstar's Life. Included is an excellent post about sharing the stage with 15-year-olds who also have rock bands. I have heard that Dann is re-writing the song "Daddy Sang Bass" with the new lyrics "Juli Plays Bass." Coming to a venue near you.

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  1. Thanks Matt! You are awesome, I can't wait to see you!