Friday, March 28, 2008

Free Gene Wolfe story

Gene Wolfe's novella, Memorare, is up for a Hugo award. So someone has kindly put it online.

This is a great story, and if you're unfamiliar with Wolfe's work, it's an excellent place to begin your aquaintance. It's about a series of asteroids where people have built memorial/tombs to lost loved ones. Most of the memorials are purposeful death traps, for a reason that becomes clear pretty quickly. The story is about a man, down on his luck, who decides to film a documentary about the memorials, which means he'll need to break into them. And he'll need to break into the most dangerous ones to get the best story.
As you read it, watch for the deft way that Wolfe takes what could have been a story of pure SF action and instead weaves it into a deep reflection on love, marriage, divorce, human relationships and how we remember the dead.
Here's the full list of Hugo nominees for this year, many of which are online.

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