Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Butterbean Stories (part 4-6) by A

Continued from Butterbean parts 1-3 by A. Feel free to leave comments, because A loves to get your feedback on her work.

Chapter 4

Butterbean is purple. Guess what? She got to keep the loopdeloop she used. Now you see that purple bean? It's going to be a game in Butterbean part 6. Butterbean got all the beans out in an earlier part. All Butterbean's friends think Butterbean has no story, but Butterbean really does. Do you know how Butterbean got everyone out? The crayon sucked the beans in ibe day while they were playing on the swing. Butterbean had made a promise that she wouldn't invite the crayon to the park. But instead the crayon sucked all the beans in! The crayon cut the trees down and colored them pink. But Butterbean tried to stop the crayon but she couldn't. That's the end of Part Four, but there will be a lot of other exciting adventures of Butterbean.

Butterbean Part 5

One day Butterbean made an awful mistake. The Queen Butterbean had said, "Butterbean, will you get me some butter?" Instead Butterbean got her some butterbeads. Butterbean had to go into the awful crayon again. The Queen had sent that crayon to suck up everybody. The clock the Queen had was not working, she wished she had not sent Butterbean into the crayon, because she was the only fixer in town. The Queen had not let Butterbean take the swirl she had gotten. The giant crayon did not like the taste of Butterbean, so he spit Butterbean out. Join in for the next Butterbean story in Butterbean Part Six.

Butterbean Part 6

Today we're talking about how Butterbean and his friends discover a new person. Do you know what all the butterbeans discover behind a world? A magnificent world of pegasuses flying in the air.


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