Sunday, March 23, 2008

Make the World a Better Place by supporting the arts

If you're like me, you occasionally thought to yourself during World History class, "I wish I were a Medici." You know, that famous Italian family that sponsored famous artists like Michelangelo. Some of them also had cool names like "Lorenzo the Magnificent."

Now's your chance!

My best friend and occasional guest here at BHR (you would know him as "The Omnivore") has started an ingenious way for you to support artists using your internet presence. It's called Click Patron. Here's a simple explanation: You put a google search engine on your site. You get free art. Artists get free cash.

I've already put up the search box here at BHR.

Here's how you can become a patron:

1. Agree to use the Click Patron search link or box for a year.

2. Send an e-mail requesting the code for the search box to All that you need to do is paste the code somewhere in your web presence, and agree to leave it there for a year. They can adjust the code to match your site's colors if requested. Also, if you don't know how to integrate it into your web presence, they should be able to offer some technical assistance.

3. E-mail, telling them what work you'd like in return for your hospitality. If you can copy the link pointing to that specific piece and paste it into your e-mail, that would be ideal.

That's it!

And hey, if you're an artist, here are the instructions for becoming a benficiary of the Click Patron cash for artists program.


Mikalatos the Magnificent

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