Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tigers vs. Monkey... FIGHT!

I think it's important that you watch this video.

Krista and I have always disagreed about monkeys. Before we were married she told me I could have one, so that's still on the table. I just have to save enough money for the rabies shots.

Anyway, while we were watching this video I asked: "Why would a monkey do that to a tiger?"

Krista: "Because they are antagonistic and mean."

But let's be serious... who hasn't wanted to go up to a baby tiger and pull its tail?

p.s. I miss Chinese television.


  1. It's the tiger that's mean. The monkey just wants to play.

    Tigers are just big cats... snobs.

    I think Krista should let you get the monkey.


    I actually saw this Python with the goat stuck in its mouth on the news yesterday. You know, our regular main news channel. I was trying to eat lunch and it was kind of grossing me out so I had to leave the room after a few minutes. I know it's not a monkey story.

  3. I wonder if the baby tiger felt like it was in an airport with a mariachi band staring at it and laughing.

  4. you DO look like dusty bottoms...