Saturday, September 29, 2007

Watch this... or else

Because we care about shadow puppets, we thought we would bring you this little bit of amazing puppetry:

Incredible, isn't it? That was Raymond Crowe, Australia's only "unusualist." I would like him to come to the Matt Mikalatos Birthday Party Extravaganza on 7-17-2009 (location TBA). Musical guests will include Switchfoot and the Autumn Film.

And I stole the link from Neil Gaiman, who won't miss it a bit.


  1. the autumn film, really? do they know that?

  2. Well, I talked to them back when they were called Tifah.

    I'm still in negotiations with Reid.

  3. Anonymous10:06 PM

    That was amazing. Now I know what I want to do if Campus Crusade doesnt work out.

  4. Thank you for Not letting me miss that.

  5. Matt, was reading on update on a follow-up trip to one of the cities our Mexico Journey prjt went to and they did a shadow puppet show. I think this thing is the wave of the future.

  6. That was so cool!!