Monday, September 10, 2007

Those Impetuous, Foolish, Love-stricken elephants

Her name is Savitri, a hard working circus elephant. When the wild bull elephant came near, he looked at the other elephants, but in the end he lured Savitri out into the wild... she broke her chains and fled with him into the forest, where witnesses saw them "frolicking near a pond." It was love...
But it's hard to take a city elephant and a wild jungle elephant and have a romance... it's hard for her to change her city ways and embrace the wild abandon of eating what you find. It was not meant to be, perhaps, she thinks. For he is wild and untameable and I am longing for a meal to be delivered by my keepers.
In the end of the story, our lady elephant returns home, wiser, perhaps, and now with armed guards in case her lover might try to "make out with her again." I assume it was supposed to be "make off with her" but I am happy with the current reading.