Friday, July 06, 2007

You really don't want to eat that

While in Korea this week at CM2007, the conference provided 20,000 Big Macs for lunch one day. The following day we tried to buy another 50 burgers only to discover that McD's had run out of key ingredient. I related the story to Krista's parents and our daughters (Z and A) in the van on the way home from the airport today.

Me: -- so I said we'll have to have our Big Macs on rice because they don't have any buns.

A: Ha ha ha! No buns? You can't cut off your bottom!

Me: I am talking about hamburger buns.

A (still snickering): Oh.


  1. hey! im jealous. i have to admit i skipped out on bigmacs that day and had lunch at homeplus. because after my very first EVER bigmac the day wasnt pretty...

  2. You know, Krista had *her* first ever BigMac, too. I guess that makes it Korean food?