Sunday, July 15, 2007

A must-read article

This weekend's Wall Street Journal has an article called "In Europe, God Is (Not) Dead."

It's a great article about the resurgence of genuine Christian faith in Europe, with particular emphasis on Sweden. There's an interesting (and I would argue faulty) argument about how religion functions like supply-side economics. But the article is chock-full with interesting asides, fascinating stories and a strange but flattering view of what it means to be influenced by "American evangelicals."


  1. Do you think that the influence of this new surge in Christianity will become more widespread?

    Has CCC been a part of any of this? I know it's difficult to measure, but I'd love to hear what the impact of CCC has done in places like Sweden. Perhaps a future blog?

  2. The numbers of students across Europe turning to Christ are escalating. The project in Rome saw around 40 come to Christ this past summer, which is really unheard of in Italy. I think it will only become more common and more fruitful. You'll have to come over at the end of the summer and hear about all the amazing stories.