Thursday, July 12, 2007

Greetings from Idaho, the state that is "too great to litter"

The Mikalatos family is on the move. We rolled out of the driveway at six a.m. this morning and drove until we came to Roaring Waters amusement park. No, it's not like Wally World. We are driving to Colorado and this seemed like a fun reward to the kids for spending seven hours in the car. Tomorrow they get ten hours and the reward is that they will arrive in Colorado.

Roaring Waters was fun.

But I saw many strange things there:

1) I watched with disgust as junior highers practiced human courtship rituals in "The Eternal River." And I mean it when I say "practiced." And they're going to need more practice. Oi.

2) I was amazed to discover that a high school boy will threaten to murder another boy for the unthinkable crime of... getting him wet. On the Eternal River.

3) I watched in horror as the wave pool was shut down so that the workers could clean out someone's barf. I was glad they cleaned it out, though.

The kids learned to swim while we were in Korea. Which means that they didn't want to wear life jackets. Which means that instead of drifting along on the lazy river, I was striding beside A, who was convinced that she was in no danger even when she couldn't keep her head above water.

We had a good time. Okay, need to get to bed so that we can push our way to Fort Collins tomorrow!

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  1. Whoo-hoo. You're in my neck of the woods! Well, almost. I'm pretty sure you're on the western part of the state, while I'm on the eastern part. Either way, thanks for visiting and not littering!

    I'm having a garage sale tomorrow - no girls things as we specialize in boys, but I have a writing book with your name on it :).

    Oh, and your bikini conversation? Interesting...