Friday, July 06, 2007

Play "Rollover"... a new social experiment game

I invented a game today at the airport. It's called ROLLOVER. In addition to being fun, entertaining and immensely satisfying, it provides a valuable service to our society.

Here's how to play:

1) Find an annoying cell phone talker in a public place. This should be someone who speaks loudly and inconsiderately, doesn't watch where he is going, and most likely has a Bluetooth or some other device which implants his cell phone into his head.

2) Subtly sidle up alongside the person (at least into clear hearing distance).

3) Act as if you are on your own cell phone, but tailor your conversation to match that of your opponent.
a) Here is an example:
OPPONENT: Hey, how's it going?
YOU: Oh fine, just fine. I just arrived at the airport.
OPPONENT: Is Mr. James there by any chance?
YOU: I'm afraid he just stepped out, can I take a message?
OPPONENT: Hi, Mr. James, this is Arthur, I was calling to talk about the Jones
YOU: That's not a high priority for me but I guess I could take a message.

4) If your opponent catches on to what you are doing, try to throw them off by talking without pause for a short time. Or turn your head and point to your Bluetooth (or the fake Bluetooth you got in your cereal box).

5) Try to use the word ROLLOVER before your opponent ditches you.

a) For every minute you can keep "in the conversation": 500 points
b) Being the first to say "ROLLOVER" in the last minute of the game: 1,000 points
c) Annoying your opponent enough to cause him to leave the room/area without him realizing that you are playing ROLLOVER: 2,500 points.
d) Continuing the game over multiple of the opponent's phone calls: 1,000 points per call (starting with call #2) regardless of length.
e) Posting the conversation online via youtube, facebook, a blog (whatever): 500 points.

Okay, get to work kids. You could be a winner!


  1. You have any video of this yet?

    I'd love to see it.

  2. Sounds fun but I don't know if I could keep a straight face.

    Hey - just got my copy of "Relief" yesterday and read your story. Loved it - and hated it! (That's a compliment by the way!) It made me think of every missed opportunity I've had in my spiritual life to help another (and yes - many of them are painfully clear memories from the past 23 years of being a follower of Christ).

  3. Dean... no video yet. I'm sure it will come some day.

    Kim... thanks for the kind words about the Deluge. Appreciate it.