Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And now a word from our sponsors

Matt will be out of the country for a while in Korea at CM07. Don't worry, a bleary-eyed, jet-lagged report is sure to follow.

In the meantime, I give you some topics to discuss in the comments section. Please entertain one another. I will join you when I return:

1) Paris Hilton. This is your one chance, people. This will not come up at BHR again.

2) The Hilton in Paris. For those who have been to the city of love.

3) Should people be allowed not to stand trial for murder because they are insane? No, really. What do you think?

4) Why can't Oregon strawberries be in season all year long?

5) If you got to name a national park, what would you name it?

6) If you had the choice between going to a frog party or a weasel party, which would you go to?

7) Best sitcom "of all time". Including the future.

8) Open thread.


  1. 4. Matt, I blame you for ruining my ability to drive past Burgerville! Ever since you explained your problem with this, I've been having the same problem myself. I'm gonna blame you for me getting fatter!

  2. I will miss your my daily readings. I look forward to them.
    My comment is on #4:
    Because then we wouldn't have anything to look forward to..and Burgerville Peppermint Mocha Shakes are pretty darn good in December!

  3. my comment is on 7 or 8 or which ever one is the last one because i think blogger needs some new "word verification" words...this is the second time in a row i've had to enter "smenita" which isn't a word by the way (no, i didn't know that and yes, i looked it up) (yes in the dictionary) and it sounds like it could be a spanish word for smell or something.

  4. i'm going to follow staci here...
    i think smenita definitly could be a spanish word. the "ita" part would signify that it is a smaller version of something. it also looks kind of swedish. maybe it could be a slight odor of sweden. as in, "tu cabello tiene una smenita" or "your hair has a slight odor of sweden." now if that's not the start of a good spanish love song i don't know what is.

    also, i would go to the weasel party.