Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Nose Knows

Z made me this Father's Day mask. It's a portrait of me, and it invited a great deal of discussion.

For instance, she was asked why I had such dark skin.

The answer: she didn't have a crayon that was the right color.

Then little sis, A, asked, "Why doesn't he have a nose?" (I actually hadn't noticed)

Z: I don't draw noses.

A: Why not?

Z: I just don't.

Krista and I have subsequently dug up and studied her drawings, and do you know what? She doesn't draw noses. Look at the picture above. She's an artiste. I won't be surprised though, if suddenly in high school art class she starts just drawing noses all the time. A nose on a plate. A nose driving a car. A nose drawing a nose.

Her teacher will say, "What's up with all these noses? Don't you draw the rest of a person?"

Z: No, I only draw noses.

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