Thursday, June 14, 2007

Git me mah squirrel killin' crutch!


  1. David Crowder has already exposed the dangers of the evil squirrel menance, as I referenced here. However, more exposure to this threat is always needed. Thanks for serving the public, Matt!

  2. hey matt!
    funny i just heard today that you have a blog. we are looking forward to seeing you in colorado. you'll be there right?
    hope to see you and your fam. soon.

  3. I am just proud that the DMN carried an international story of such importance!

  4. Just goes to show that you should NEVER bite an old just can't tell how they're going to react!!

  5. Cheryl--

    You know, it was an AP story. The AP members can host or print any stories they want off that. I am guessing the DMN didn't have a reporter on the scene, though.

    Dad-- too bad you got rid of your crutch!