Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day Happenin's

We woke up Father's Day and sat around and talked about me being a Dad. That was nice.

Then Krista made strawberry waffles (yum!) and my own exceptional father and mother joined us for that. Then we went off to church, where Pastor John's message was called "Passive Fathers, Wild Sons." Since I don't have any sons I was able to escape without feeling convicted at all... whew! And they gave me free beef jerky.

Then we went to the farmer's market and had Mexican food at this great little stand... this family doesn't have a restaurant, just a stand at the market every weekend. And it's great. Mom and Dad met us for that, too. Hmmm. I've been talking a lot about food lately. Well, tonight I had the perfect dinner: authentic tacos followed by mango sticky rice for dessert. Oh YEAH!

Then the kids waded around in the fountain, some church people came up and tried to share the gospel with us but gave up when I was able to recall eight or nine of the ten commandments (they just immediately assumed I was Christian... maybe I'm Jewish or just well-educated). The ones I forgot, in retrospect, are the ones I have the hardest time with... Keep the Sabbath Holy and Thou Shall Not Kill.

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  1. Hey Matt,

    It sounds totally gross, but eating waffles with sour cream and syrup is about the best thing that ever was (that you could eat). Be adventurous and try it!! I promise you won't regret it. (Disregard if you aren't a Sour Cream fan though.)