Saturday, June 17, 2006

Missives from Costa Rica

I know you all assumed we died in a fiery pane wreck, but no, we are safely in Costa Rica and safely ensconced in our home.

We had a good flight down. Apparently I look sufficiently like a tico for everyone to speak to me in Spanish, which is somewhat embarassing. But I am learning to cope.

And now, for the most important news... new foods I have eaten. First, I had a plate of fish wehn we first arrived. It had some sort of white sauce and cheese on top and was quite good. Along with that I had a guanabana smoothie. The guanabana is a mysterious fruit that I have yet to see, but the juice of which I am determined to imbibe every day during my stay in CR. Yesterday morning I had beans and rice and tortillas for breakfast *excellent* and for lunch I had some sort of weird little burrito. Then a before dinner snack of these sort of sweet corn pancakes and to drink a warm glass of milk, water and cane sugar. Yum!

Today we are going river rafting with the project through mosquito (and probably malaria) laden rivers, which will also be heavy with crocodiles. The best advice they have for us is to not fall out of the boat. But I am certain I will return with at least three of my limbs.

In other news, the work goes well here. The project is adjusting and Carlos, the national director, has been spending a lot of time with us.

Tomorrow I am speaking at the local Christian church (which was a bit of a surprise) and then joining Carlos and his wife Tatiana for Chinese food, which should be interesting. Be praying for us as we meet with and have deep conversations with the project leadership, participants and with Carlos, his team, and their church.

Muchas gracias and hasta luego.

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