Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Big chicken

For all my friends who are coming back to America right now: this is the key moment in current U.S. culture. It's more important than DaVinci Code, the X-Men and Mission:Impossible combined. And it's so spicy!

Also, in case you don't know, "hucking" is a slag term used in various extreme sports. It seems to have a reasonably wide semantic range. I've seen it used referring to big jumps on a bike, to throwing a bike around, and even to skiiers going off large cliffs. But I think the best definition is to watch this video.


  1. Dear Matt,
    Are you not one of the region leaders for our large and important cluster of states. I imagine, apparently incorrectly that you are terribly busy and important. Where do you find this stuff?
    Ps. I am bummed you will not be joining us in Bozeman. We like you.

  2. great video! I love that you have quirky things like this on your site!

  3. Dear Shana, I find these things by watching late night television. I cannot sleep because I am always awake, worrying about you and the large, important cluster of states that are under my care.

    p.s. I also am bummed about not being in Bozeman.

    Dear Dawn, I am glad you like my video. I have had the "big hucking chicking" song stuck in my head for about three days now.

  4. OOps. That last comment was from me, not Krista. I have now logged her off. Apologies for impersonating my wife.