Monday, June 26, 2006

Costa Rica: Saturday

Saturday, June 17th.

We got up early in the morning and leapt into a bus bound for the rain forest.

Favorite quote during our rain forest expedition (said at least once by everyone in our party): "Hey. It's raining."

Correct response to this observation: "It's the rain forest."

We had a great time rafting. You can see my most important rafting lesson here.

We stopped for a while, upended a raft and ate fresh pineapple and watermelon. And, inexplicably, cookies. The Costa Ricans love sweet food.

This is where you could jump off the cliff. Which I proceeded to do.

After rafting we were treated to some casado. Yum! Then we saw howler monkeys! HOO HOO HOO!! Then we saw a weird animal on the side of the road, eating some Cheetos. It was sort of like a racoon. I guess. Also, a Costa Rican jumping viper which, thanks to God, no one touched. We also stopped for a photo-op with some large leaves. These double as umbrellas in the rain forest. No, really, they do!

When we got home everyone was sleepy. Almost everyone, I guess. I was hungry.

So we went with our raftmates to a lovely Italian dinner. I got the chicken parmesan. It was quite good. Everyone agreed that Jason's so-called "nachos" came in last place. I must say that, regardless, the company was nice.

Then we went to bed.

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