Monday, June 05, 2006

Comedic Genius?

I was suprised to discover while at the video store this weekend that Will Ferrel is a "comedic genius." I was doubly suprised when I watched the movie (the newest version of "The Producers") which was lacking any real spark of comedy. Yes, Will Ferrel is funny. I have laughed out loud while watching him. No doubt some of you are laughing right now and thinking, "You know what the Burning Hearts Revolution needs? MORE COWBELL!" And you are right, so right. But is Ferrel a comedic genius? Not according to my definition.

Clearly the people writing on the back of video boxes are using the most permissive definition of genius, which would merely mean, "someone who is sort of good at something." I prefer a more restrictive definition, something along the lines of "someone whose IQ is at or above 140." Of course, real traditionalists prefer the extremely limited definition of "a tutelary or guardian spirit" (i.e. a genie or jinni).

Fitting my definition of genius would be (among others): Steve Martin, Geena Davis and Sharon Stone. As you can see, being a genius does not mean that you will choose wisely when choosing films to star in. Steve Martin, of course, is forgiven for any bad movie he has played in just because of the good ones, which are very good.

And, for the traditionalist, Robin Williams could be referred to as a "genius" purely on the strength of his performance in "Aladdin."

In conclusion, I would like to say:

Tell us we will die like dogs.

You will die like dogs.



  1. Here's comedic genius from my eldest.

    "Hey daddy, what's 10 plus gas?"
    "I don't know...what?"

    All comedic geniuses use fart noises in their punchlines.

  2. A fifth grader and a can of beans is also 10 plus gas.

  3. matt although you are wise, at the risk of being fired, i am going to have to disagree with you on this one and say...will farrel is a comedic genius...

  4. You are just punishing me for my fashionable dislike of "Friends".

    I will admit to liking the following sitcoms:

    The Office (american version... haven't seen the brits)
    George Lopez show
    News Radio (R.I.P.)
    Simpsons (if that counts as a sitcom)

    Other sitcoms I like:
    American Idol
    The O.C.
    CSI: Ohio

  5. Anonymous7:55 AM

    will ferrel is a comedic genuis, i have to say.
    have you seen arrested development? i heard it got cancelled, but man, what a brilliant show!

  6. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Yes, if you liked The Office you will definitely like Arrested Development. Check it out. For now I leave you with this:

    Wherever there is injustice, you will find us.

    Wherever there is suffering, we'll be there.


  7. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Will Ferrel is sometimes funny, often not funny, and never reaches even the remotest horizon of 'genius'.

    I offer you instead:

    "What's tequila?"

    "It's kind of like beer..."

  8. It seems to me that there may be some sort of age differential that effects whether one finds Will Ferrel to be a comedic genius. Could it be that the youth (who have been told, for instance, that David Schwimmer is very funny) are not aware of the heights of comedic greatness that they profane when referring to Will Ferrel as a genius?

    Just a theory.

  9. Anonymous11:30 AM

    On the other hand, maybe you are just a jealous know-nothing jerky jerk. Maybe you are angry because I am wealthy and famous and you are poor and ugly.

    Also, my name is spelled "Ferrell" not "ferrel".

    And lastly, if you doubt my comedic genius, I strongly suggest that you rent "Bewitched", watch it carefully and think again!

  10. sorry i haven't been around for a while, i just wanted to correct rob e, the line is, 'It's like beer...'
    oh, the david schwimmer thing, it is sad that you actually tried to compare the should run for president with that kind of reasoning...oh wait...
    i love you matt :)