Monday, June 26, 2006

Costa Rica: Sunday

Sunday, June 18th

Carlos, the national director of Costa Rica, said something when we first arrived that I thought was a joke: "I want you to give the message at our church this weekend."

So, I taught on Luke 5, a favorite passage of ours when we lived in East Asia. It's about listening to the Master's voice, obeying him, and having the expectation that we will have extremely fruitful ministries as a result... that he will "sink our ships" and take us beyond our resources as we fish for the souls of men.

One of the neat things at the church was meeting Laura and Leonardo, a Costa Rican couple that are hoping to be missionaries to East Asia. They were so encouraged to meet with us and talk some about life overseas.

We were taken out to dinner that night by Carlos and his wife, Tatiana. They took us to this asian restaurant where I had fried noodles (Hong Kong style) and Krista had palak paneer. I had some mango sticky rice for dessert, too.

We talked a lot about the needs in Costa Rica for the gospel. I can't go into a lot of detail about the possible solutions we talked about together because there are other people who need to be in the loop as we are making decisions. But you can be praying for the ministry in Costa Rica.

Carlos and Tatiana are great fun. K and I both felt like we were great friends after such a short time together. We are looking forward to seeing them again.

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