Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Report from the winter conference

Hi ho, Kermit the frog here reporting from the Spokane winter conference.

Tonight was our first session (which means that yesterday was the interminable drive). We have Pastor Ronnie Stevens bringing the word, Aaron Spiro is taking us before the Lord in worship and Anneli Anderson is painting in the background while Ronnie teaches. Pretty cool.

Our theme is "shaken to the core" and we're looking each day at Isaiah 6. I was very pleased to be introduced to the fascinating science/art/pictures of Gary A. Glatzmaier, who has graciously given us permission to use his "photo" of the molten core of a gas giant (as soon as he figured out that we weren't trying to use it to advance intelligent design). This, of course, explains the mechanism that likely plays a major role in maintaining the banded zonal winds on the surfaces of Jupiter and Saturn.

There's about a thousand people here and I would say the vibe is very very good. Seems like the Lord is gearing up to really do something awe-inspiring here.

You can pray for me... on Saturday I'll be trying to help us focus on the "Sent" part of our week, introducing all of the missions opportunites for students within CCC. You can check out the recruiting website I'm working on, which should be mostly ready to go by Saturday.

Overall, having fun, seeing old friends, enjoying doing ministry together with my family. Pretty nice. And how's it going out there in cyberland?


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    We would like to say thank you for using our pictures and giving us a shout-out on your "recruiting" website. It's exciting...makes us feel special. We're also sad to not be a part of WC this year. Tell everyone "hi" for us, and by everyone we mean all 1,000 of them.
    p.s. better be glad we're not as stingy as Gary A Glatzmaier with our pictures...must be because you so closely resemble a teddy bear.

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Pastor Ronnie Stevens... I think I know that guy from Munich. In fact, I think he baptised me *in* Munich, many years ago...

  3. Matt, bro liked your recruiting site. Dude I think I am gonna steal this and run with it for DCC. I say if you can't be creative, make sure you have friends who are.

  4. Perhaps the coolest thing about the recruiting site that I didn't mention is that I made basically skateboard stickers with the site listed on them to hand out to everyone.

  5. Hey, nice new recruiting site! You even have Rijeka on there. We didn't see it on there a few days ago and thought that you were ashamed of us. :) But of all the pictures to put up, Andy on Tim's lap?! Excellent...