Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Evidence that sideburns are "in"

Here is the key fact you need to know in realizing that sideburns are in: I have grown some.

(NOTE: It might be important for you to realize what my definition of "in" entails. Here it is. "In": Whatever it is that Matt is currently doing. What he used to be doing is "retro" what he soon will be doing is "visionary.")

I have never had self esteem problems, as I have always been a part of the "in" crowd.

I have included a picture of Ambrose Burnside, the civil war general who gave us the name for those hairy fashion statements.

And just to show that Ambroses's fashion sense is not an historical fluke but a visionary act of genius, I have also included a picture of sumo wrestling sensation "tiny" Takanotsuru.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    On a random note, my dad is growing a beard! In my 27 years of knowing him, he's always been clean shaven. This morning he asked me to tell him the truth, "Should I shave?" I thought that was so weird he would ask me, and I think its weird he's growing it! I mean, most asian guys can't grow facial hair, but my dad is doing pretty well at it. Its mostly white. And he says it's the only reason he won't go to church (because he doesn't want to seem disheveled, but he's not willing to shave it because he says it hurts his face when he shaves). I told you this was random, but your post reminded me of this, and how perhaps this is another "in" thing. You need a post on the "Mystery of Men."

  2. Anonymous5:38 AM

    I've been watching a civil war documentary lately. Burnsides, though fashionably bold, was militarily somewhat inept. I've opted instead for the Ulysses S Grant/George Tecumseh Sherman "full beard" look. Much cooler (or warmer, actually)

  3. Of course Burnside knew that he was not a great military commander and tried to reject every offer for advancement that came to him. He was essentially forced into the role.

    Glo-- I think Asian men with beards are cool. Because of my extensive television watching, I know the secret code: older Asian man with beard = karate master.