Monday, November 21, 2005

World's Largest Fish-Rodent

Capybaras are huge rodents (can be up to 130 pounds) living in South America and are considered by Venezuelans a delicacy to be eaten and enjoyed (so they say). I've sent an e-mail to some friends in Venezuela to find out if this is true. Another interesting fact is that the pope (years and years ago) declared the capybara a fish so that Venezuelans could still enjoy this Rodent Of Unusual Size during lent.


  1. ahhh .... not the capybara again! Weren't we supposed to get this shipped to EA to eat instead of Turkey? Hmm ... I do love fish!

  2. I am not going to resign as WSN director until I try capybara.

  3. I doubt you can find capybara meat unless you go out of country. Your best best if to go

    West Coast Game Park, Oregon

    to see it. And maybe you can steal one and roast it at home.

  4. My friend Dave in Venezuela sends this important missive:

    here's a little note on the capybara. they don't eat it at thanksgiving (to my my knowledge) but they do eat around easter. good friday, i believe. on good friday, good catholics eat fish. and they capybara, which i'm told is some of the best meat in the world, does taste much like fish. so the pope stated that since the capybara spends about 95% of it life in the water, and it tastes so darn good, it's alright to eat on good friday. but i'm sure you could eat it on thanksgiving too.