Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mall Security Guards

Okay, here's a weird thought: How is our culture reflected by the fact of Mall Security? What does this say about us? First of all, I suppose it tells us something about the rampant materialism of our culture, the fact that we have acres and acres of land set aside to sell "stuff." Then we add many more acres to park our cars. Then we have to hire people to protect the things in the stores from being stolen (driving the cost of the malls, the stores and the products up). The actual police have more important things to do, I suppose, so we hire non-police to dress up like police, catch the shoplifters and then call the real police. I'll tell you this much, the message of mall security guards is NOT "man is basically good."


  1. Now I will comment on my own blog, which is sort of like talking to myself.

    This one time my friend and I were trying on leather jackets in the mall (shut up, it was the 80's). Anyway, I accidentally disconnected some wire in the jacket and all these alarms started going off and the security guard walked slowly over while I stood there looking around like a big lummox and my buddy disappeared. It was awesome, in its kooky way.

  2. ha ha. I remember that. That was funny.

  3. Anonymous8:14 PM

    hahaha. so awesome. :)