Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Can't Help But Feel Good When This Happens

I ran out of gas today. I know, you are thinking, "What is so good about that?"

I knew I might run out. The "empty" light had come on a long time ago. But I kept thinking, "Now is not a good time to stop for gas" and "It is too expensive at this location." So I drove some more.

Eventually, the engine stopped running and the car coasted along for a moment. "Oh no!" I cried. I would have said, "I can't believe this" but in fact I could believe it.

Luckily the gas had run out on a slight downward slope. I put on the hazard lights and coasted. Then, out of nowhere, a sign! A convenience store complete with gas pumps. I cranked the wheel hard and bumped up into the parking lot.

The car pulled to a stop next to the pump. I didn't even have to use the brakes, it just rolled right up and came to a stop by itself.

When something like this happens, you can't help but feel glad, like the world is on your side.

Then I found a million dollar bill pinned to my shirt.