Monday, September 08, 2008

A Fun Airport Game

When you fly United, there are clear classes of people. First class, of course. Followed by the premiere executives. Followed by the peons. Then the serfs. Each category is treated differently (the serfs, for instance, are not allowed to use the restroom on the plane).

I like to try to do at least one thing that's above my class. My favorite thing is to step on the red carpet, even though I'm not allowed to do so. Take that, first class! Ha ha ha! My foot went where only your foot is allowed to go! Ha ha ha haaaaaaaa.

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  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    on our way to EA on '05, one of the teams had a problem with their flight so they were rerouted and ended up on our flight. the airline fixed the problem by letting them be in the fancy seats. i got up to talk to my friend from Lake Tahoe SP 04 and a flight attendant came and told me that i was not allowed up there. she said that if my friend wanted to talk to me, she'd have to come in the back by me.

    i felt so low. :(