Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spider-Man and Jesus

I watched Spider-Man 2 tonight, since Krista is still out of town. I always liked the movie, I think it is certainly the best of the three Spider-Man movies. I tried to explain to people the deep spiritual significance I found in the film at the time, and most people gave me blank stares.

I even tried to explain the Christ parallels, and again, most people didn't seem to get what I was saying. I wrote a paper about it in one of my seminary classes (about Spider-Man progressing through the "Stations of the Cross" during one portion of the movie), but I think what was more compelling than anything I wrote was the pictures.


  1. i was watching that last night too, thanks to channel surfing during dinner. though my friend as I argued about whether kirsten dunst is a good mj or not ... i think we missed the christ parallel. Then again, we only saw the kissing upside down part, where's the jesus parallel there, matt?

  2. Um.

    Christ came down from above to show us his love. (?)

  3. AWWWW! Mikalatos, your post reminds me of the conversation Dr. Douglass and I had on the phone about the spiritual parallels in this movie. All the while you were trying to call him. (Wicked laugh)

  4. This is perfect for what I am teaching!! You have saved me hours of searching time to show my students the significance of this beautiful scene of the crucifixion and the bringing down off the cross. Thank you. There are others out there who see what I see!!