Monday, April 07, 2008

Rock Bands

Krista and I are on the road today, taking a day to process our lives and ministry together at a bed and breakfast in California that we went to on our Honeymoon. I'm looking forward to the time with Krista. Tomorrow we'll meet up with our team in San Francisco... we're meeting with some of the SF staff and the regional team from Crusade in California to talk about ways we can partner together, specifically in San Francisco. I'm excited about that, too.

Meanwhile, the Rock Band called The Autumn Film is staying at our house. You know how rock bands are. Staying at our house while we're gone, too. No doubt they are sliding down the (very short) bannister and are lighting cigarettes in the bathroom and tearing out the grass in our front lawn. But we'll recuperate our losses by selling their pillowcases on ebay when they are famous.

U2 will be staying with us next week.