Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Z!

Happy birthday, Z! I can't believe you are seven years old. It seems like only last week that we wrapped you up in a blanket and tried to figure out how to get the carseat into the back of the car so we could bring you home from the hospital.

You are a real joy to us, and have been a continual blessing from God. We're glad to have such a sweet daughter.

I'm sad to see you grow up so fast, but excited to see all the adventures you will have as you get older. Have a great seventh year of life, Z. I look forward to living it together with you.

Love, Dad


  1. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Sorry to be picky but if Z has just turned seven then surely you are looking forward to living the eighth year of her life together?

  2. I suppose if you want to get picky we're almost into the ninth year of her life, since she had been alive for nine months before being born!