Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And now, for something completely serious

Sometimes I surf around on some ministry blogs and I feel bad about BHR. Maybe I should be sharing deep thoughts about ministry and how it works. And I should change the name of the blog to MISSIONAL TEAMS AND HOW THEY FUNCTION.

I considered hiring some high-powered market researchers to look into this matter. But then I thought, why trust some professionals when I could just look into this matter myself.

So I have included a poll. Behold how it looms above the sidebar, like a judge, like the leader of some vast and faceless tribunal.

Now is your opportunity to let your voice be heard, true believer! Click now and click often.



1 comment:

  1. Matt, I love that your blog is high energy, has lots of variety, is kind of random, then again not so random, insights into life as you know it, insights into the minds of children...sometimes without explanation as to if that is the mind of A, Z or M... Sometimes really deep on the Spiritual side. Always could be under the title "deep thoughts"... moments to laugh out loud, moments to ponder. yeah. I thoroughly enjoy your blog!