Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Birthday Unicorn

Z decided that the theme for her birthday party would be "unicorns." The buyers at all the box stores simultaneously decided that unicorns were passe, and suddenly we couldn't find any unicorns anywhere.

So, not to be dissuaded, we enlisted various family members to comb the greater Portland area looking for unicorns. Krista made a unicorn cake. I painted an enormous unicorn on two panels of drywall and we put it up in the house. We did manage to find one unicorn balloon.

You can see the unicorn on the left. Krista had to help with drawing the legs. I'm a little shaky on horse anatomy, but apparently that's pretty much all she drew for years and years. This is one advantage of growing up female. On the other hand, if we needed to draw an enormous space battle, I daresay I would have the upper hand. Anyway, A jumped into the fray as well, helping with the painting (especially the flowers) and the unicorn's eyeball.

Vast numbers of giddy first grade girls soon arrived and swarmed about the house giggling and doing Girl Stuff. A great time was had by all, I think.

In the meantime, we have a giant unicorn diptych in the garage.


  1. Hi Matt!
    Nice picture! Can I assume from the greek above that you are finished with your greek?

  2. You could assume that, or you could assume that someone knows how to use an internet translation engine.