Monday, December 17, 2007

Our 800th Post: In Which Masterpiece Theatre Answers Your Questions

In honor of the 800th post here at BHR, we are proud to present "Masterpiece Theatre Answers Your Questions," our fourth video podcast, brought to you by the fine people at the GNW winter conference: Masterpiece.

My good friend Brad Pitt agreed to make a cameo in honor of this being our 800th post.

The sock puppoet, however, has gotten too big for his stitches, saying "I'm famous now and there's no reason for me to make an appearance on your tiny little blog, you tiny little man." I washed his mouth out with detergent.


  1. I've noticed something on each of your podcasts which has me wondering... What is up with the Jack Nicholson hair style?

  2. Aaaah, more questions from my adoring public.

    You know, the Matt Mikalatos persona is an affect that I use for effect. He has a fancy accent, a smoking jacket and Jack Nicholson (i.e. movie star) hair.

    He also has a pipe and slippers.

  3. Are you wearing any pants in these videos?

  4. Are you using the British or American definition of pants?