Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Cure for Pain

I downloaded Jon Foreman's "Fall" EP this morning, and listened to it while I cleaned the house. It's a tasty album, and I look forward to giving it a more thorough listening. On the first run, though, I particularly enjoyed the song called "The Cure for Pain".

The songs are softer and perhaps more personal than the regular Switchfoot songs. It reminded me, actually, of watching the "Switchfoot Unplugged" concert this summer in Colorado.

Here's a copy of the lyrics to "The Cure for Pain" from Jon's site:

You can buy your own copy here.


  1. I've preordered all 4 EPs. I love the first one and play it all the time. You're right, the songs are very personal. It's a great EP.

  2. i'm so mad that i like switchfoot. as you know, i take my christian-music aversion very seriously. yet, foreman is the a worthy lyricist so i have no choice but to listen to this tune over and over and over again.

  3. "Christian by creed, not by genre."

    I think you're safe.