Sunday, December 02, 2007


Here we are, safely at last in Rijeka, Croatia.

Our first impression is that the people are very friendly. Even the woman looking at our passports gave us a big smile and said, "WELCOME TO CROATIA!" Kristi and Allison met us at the airport and we had a fun ride home through the fog.

The traffic signs had "smiley" and "frowny" faces on them, which I enjoyed. Allison said they're a sort of vague threat... if you help us and do what we say as we do construction on the roads all will go well and everyone will be happy. But if not... well, there will be frowns.

We're enjoying ourselves, staying with the Kneeshaws.

Tonight we ate at Delfino's. I had a lasagna which reminded me of the lasagna in East Asia at the Blue Marlin. Krista had a pizza.

That's enough of an update for now, I think. Jet lag prevents clarity of thought! :)

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  1. I'm really happy that you guys are getting to see Rijeka. :)