Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Unseen Movie Review: Underdog

Here at BHR we like to occasionally review movies that we have not seen. It's completely unfair and also fun.

Tonight's movie: Underdog.

Watch the trailer and then read on, MacRuff.

I am not the target audience for this movie, despite certain evidences to the contrary. The target audience is, I am guessing, eight-year-old boys. And I am reasonably certain that they will think it is somewhere between mediocre and okay.

The problem is that even this trailer is inherently unfunny... and trailers tend to try to take the best parts of a movie and squeeze them into a short space. I am not sure why a movie that is targeted at kids is making rather lame attempts at humor by imitating the 1970's Superman movie. Which is a great movie. In fact, the scene of Underdog talking to the "cat burglar" is pretty much a direct rip-off from that movie. AS is the Brandoesque voice over. But what eight year old is going to think that's funny?

The tagline for the film is blatantly offensive to me: "One nation under dog." The pun is not only common but also, once again, unfunny. If you're going to offend people, at least have the good grace to be entertaining while doing it. These are the sort of gems you will be missing when you, like me, stay home from the theaters for this one. Lazy, pedestrian writing.

A couple of predictions for you: this movie will have a few laughs. I am predicting three. The rest of the movie will be crap. And I imagine many of the jokes will involve crap. Dog pee. Perhaps sniffing people's rear ends.

And now, a special treat for you, my faithful BHR readers. I have included a complete cartoon from the ORIGINAL (and funny) Underdog cartoon. I laughed out loud several times while watching this. You will laugh, too, even if you are reading this from prison. "What's to laugh at in prison?" you ask. Watch and learn:

Ha ha ha! Now that's comedy.


  1. But Tap Tap, even though disguised as Underdog, shouldn't he have been recognized by his cigar? Hhmmm... Does Underdog smoke? Ah. Whatever. It is wonderful comedy I must agree.

  2. Part of the comedy, my friend.

    Just like if I had an evil twin the way you could tell is that he would have a cigar. OOOOH! EVIL!