Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Soccer Game

This morning we schlepped through the mud and rain to Z and A's first soccer games.

Krista took some pictures, which you can see on her blog:

First Throw In
Lucky Lizards
Purple Panthers
Off To Lunch
The Fans

It was actually a lot of fun. A did cry a couple of times because a) her shirt is green and b) "I looked over and Mommy wasn't watching me". Mommy wasn't watching because both games were taking place simultaneously and she was running back and forth trying to get pictures of both.

Because it's a "fun" league, Z's coach had to keep taking this one kid out of the game because he kept scoring all the time. Their poor competetion really wasn't much competition.

Both our kids did a good job, so we went out for lunch with Grandma and Grandaddy afterwards, and then this afternoon we went to the zoo for an easter egg hunt. That was fun, too. Then Krista and Kerri went out to a play and the kids and I came home, ate pizza and then we watched Star Wars together. It was their first time seeing it.

And now all is quiet. So I turn to you, my beloved but scattered community. Thanks for tuning in for the rambling family share time.

Yes, it is mandatory for both good taste and etiquette that you now say nice things about a) my children, b) my (or Krista's) parenting, c) soccer or d) Star Wars.