Saturday, January 13, 2007

Michael Connelly = Happy Reading

When it comes to modern authors, I have a very easy rating system, and it's all based on how I prefer to get their work. It goes like this (highest to lowest):
1) Buy their books in hardback, as soon as they come out
2) Buy in hardback as soon as they go on discount
3) Buy in paperback as soon as available
4) Buy in paperback if I can find it used
5) Get it at the library
6) Read it only if I can find it at a garage sale for less than a quarter
7) Read it only begrudgingly, and only if it's assigned for schoolwork (yes, that's for you, Dan Brown!)
There are really only two or three authors who always make it on the top of the list. I always get new Michael Connelly novels. Especially his Harry Bosch novels. And I almost always get new Gene Wolfe or Percival Everett novels. These are my top guys.
So, I got Echo Park, the new Connelly novel for Christmas. But I knew I couldn't start reading it because it would take me away from all the other things I needed to do (like study Hebrew, work, hang with the family, eating or sleeping). But last night I decided it was time. So I dove in and got started. It was great. Ah! So good!
I finished it tonight. I really enjoyed it. My first thought when I put it down was, "How long until the next Harry Bosch novel is in my hands?" I am guessing two years. TWO YEARS! ARGH!
So, if you're into crime movies or novels, get to know Harry Bosch. Start at the beginning and work your way up. Each novel stands alone, but it's fun to get to know Harry and follow along as things develop.
You know I don't give unabashed plugs very often, but that's what this is. Michael Connelly novels are good reading.
Get ready for the standard disclaimer:
These books would most likely be rated R if they were movies. Language and violence. Yes, that's right. Language and violence both.
I need to get to bed. G'night.

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