Thursday, January 18, 2007

help The Man send missionaries to the Caucauses

A few of you may have met my wacky best friend, Chris. He's married to the lovely Joy and they have four great kids, and another on the way. We all assume that number five will be great, as well. Just to show you how cool these guys are, they used to live on a bus.

So, Chris and Joy are in process of becoming missionaries with GEM. They're planning to move the entire family (sans bus) to the country of Georgia. This spring they'd like to take the whole family on an extended trip to visit their new home. It's going to cost about $15,000.

Here's what they're doing to raise some money for the trip: a giant bake sale.

Okay, just kidding. Chris has started "The Google Penny Jar". Basically, when you search google through Chris' search box, he can get a couple of pennies from a Corporate Giant. And if you're going to buy something on the internet and use Chris' site to search for it, they could get more than a couple pennies.

To encourage people to search the internet, Chris has also started a game show. There are obscure trivia questions that can best be answered by searching the internet. So, you can click on the Google Penny Jar and give a search, and help send missionaries to Georgia on Google's dime. AND there's a prize for every winner of the game show ($10 gift card to either Trader Joe's or Borders.

So go check it out, try to win!

Oh, and the new google search box here on my site is the google penny jar, too. So if you don't want to play the game you can still just search the net from here (at the box that says "seek ye here first") and a couple pennies should go Chris' way, too.

Thanks everybody. Enjoy the game!

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  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    The whole game show thing is such a great idea! And it is mighty nice of you to help out your amigo, I will use the search bar on BHR. I search a lot for different articles so I hope to help Chris out as well! Good luck, and have a safe and wonderful journey to Spain!!