Saturday, January 13, 2007

Burning Hearts Revival

My good buddy Andy sent me this link to a website called Burning Hearts.

They have t-shirts and calendars and Bible studies and we have, um, fake poetry contests and uh, updates on my kids. Maybe we should rename this blog.
The new name of the blog from henceforth shall be called: The Mikalatos World Fair. Or, TMWF for short.
Or we could just change it to "The Original Burning Hearts." Or, if they were first, "The Real Burning Hearts." Or I guess we could coexist in peace.
Anyway, a jaunty tip of the hat to Mr. Andy for the link. Drop by at BH and be nice to them. We're sort of like cousins or something.


  1. I am too tired to redo that whole post. It made sense when I originally wrote it and before the three paragraphs in the middle disappeared and the link monster took over the entire post. Grr.

  2. Isn't the Burning Hearts Contract something Bill Bright and his buddies cooked up back in the day? That might make them your older uncle or something. I dunno, family titles never made sense to me...

  3. What a minute... your poetry contest was fake?