Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Found Poetry

I have officially started a new hobby. "Found Poetry." You have probably heard of "Found Art."

Here's an easy way to make found poetry:

1) Go into your spam file in your email.
2) Cut and paste some of the weird phrases into your text editor
3) Prune it down to make something strange and beautiful

I made the poem above using only the "delete" key. You could add some words or move phrases around if it's easier for you. It's fun!

Feel free to post some of your own found poetry in the comments section.


  1. if i didn't know better, i would think that you are just severely bored and have nothing to do with your free time

  2. Ha ha ha!

    Nope. I'm working hard today, with my chair turned out to watch the snow pile up outside my house.

    I just happen to be able to write "found poetry" at an unheard of speed.

    Did you get all of your applications in on time?