Friday, January 12, 2007

Greeks Bearing Gifts

This year I'm the speaker at our region's Greek Conference. They thought, "Why not get a real Greek to speak to our Greeks?" That's right, kids, they went all the way to the Motherland to recruit me.

I'm really excited. I've already sent Krista to the drycleaner to get my chiton pressed.
If you follow the link above there's even a picture of me, courtesy of Kirk Brower.


  1. you're speaking at greek conference? Awesome. We are both probably going!

  2. Greek Conference, brings back great memories. Specially of Kirk Brower making a point to embarass me every session. "the only OSU student here." Have fun and enjoy the world of the Greeks for a while!

  3. Autumn and Sarah-- I hope that you do go. I have some plans to prank McComas and I need your help.

    Laura-- That Kirk Brower is mean, isn't he?