Friday, April 12, 2013

Sharks. Why did it have to be sharks?

There is some mild language in this video, in which a shark tries to eat a fish off the fishing line of A MAN IN A KAYAK. I would have run across the water to that island in the background.

Just a reminder, my fear-of-animals list goes:

1. Sharks.

 2. Wolves.

 3. Sharks again.

 All other animals are fine by me. Although cobras could disappear from the earth without too much sadness on my part.

How about you? What's your animal fear chart look like?

via Neatorama


  1. When I was in Florida recently we got on a kick of watching YouTube videos in which this happens, where people catch stuff and sharks catch the stuff that was caught. Then people generally react like this guy only with less composure and more swearing.

  2. therhoades1:22 PM

    Kudos for the Indiana Jones reference.

  3. Beth Sekishiro2:11 PM

    What the heck! I would have chucked the pole into the water.

    My list is:

    1. Any sea creature that is not a baby otter

    2. Crane flies (mosquito eaters)

    3. Bugs I thought were dead so I got close to look but now they're alive and flying/crawling toward me really fast

    Everyone faults me for my fear of mosquito eaters. They either say, "They're good! They eat mosquitoes!" or, "You know, they don't actually eat mosquitoes." I don't care either way. They're freaky and unpredictable and you never know when one is going to crash into your ear and buzz around and leave a leg there. Sick nasty.