Thursday, April 11, 2013

Awesome fan art for "The Sword of Six Worlds"

I got a fun e-mail surprise from a gentleman named David Larson, who sent me the picture below of Validus and Alex, the two main characters in The Sword of Six Worlds.

Validus is holding the sword from the title, of course, and David has even matched Val's clothes with the ones she's wearing on the cover of the book! I love that Alex is playing with a rock, because not only does he start out the novel throwing rocks at Val's window, he's also (SPOILER) a rock mage and can talk to and control rocks.

If you love The Sword of Six Worlds , there are some things you can do to get the word out to others, too! Do some fan art! Or you can post a review of the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Good Reads. Buy a copy for a friend or school teacher, or just link to it from your blog or Facebook or Twitter.

 I would LOVE to get more fan art, from adults or kids, and would gladly post them here. Thanks, David!


  1. This is awesome. Long live fan art!

  2. Matt Mikalatos6:40 PM

    I know! I want all the artists from all over the world to do some fan art now!