Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fans: crazy geek wedding pictures, the man who built the BatCave and bronies unite!

This week on STORYMEN we talk about fans.  (You can listen here or download on iTunes.)

You know what I mean.

Guys who will build the Batcave in their basement.

Or paint My Little Ponies on their cars.

His name is Rave. Rave Crocker. Link.

Or get married while dressed like super heroes.

Extra points to Robin for claiming to be
"the best man." Batman must be mad!

Or Star Wars characters.

I'd like to see an Admiral Ackbar/Yoda wedding though.

Or Star Trek characters.

Did the Borg just give someone away?
That seems unlike them.

Or get the geekiest tattoo ever.

Can you name the three geeky
references in this tattoo?
Maybe you're raising your kids to be geeks.

You mean I'm going to be a baby for
hundreds of years? Being an elf is the worst!
Just remember: There's always someone geekier than you.

Okay, prove me wrong: what's your geekiest story? Or give me a link to something TRULY geeky. Did I miss your favorite Geek World (I'm looking at you Potter fans)... tell me about it.

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