Monday, April 15, 2013

Unidentified Funny Objects 2 is on Kickstarter! Throw a couple bucks at it and get some swag! @AShvartsman

You may recall that this last year I had a story in the speculative fiction comedy anthology known as UNIDENTIFIED FUNNY OBJECTS! My story was about a down-on-his-luck vampire who hunted vampire hunters and also accidentally a zombear. There were also stories by much bigger names in the spec fic world, like Mike Resnick, Ken Liu and Jake Kerr.

Well, the merry crew of UFO are reuniting to do another anthology this year, and they're raising money now through Kickstarter. If you enjoy speculative fiction or comedy or my writing, now is an excellent time to kick some money toward UFO. And remember, you get rewards for your support... books, dinner with the editor, writing classes, things like that.

I don't (yet) have a story in UFO 2 but I'm writing one right now that I hope will make the cut. I've laughed out loud while writing it, and that's a good sign. I won't give anything away other than to say it's a sequel to last year's story and that (sadly) the zombear does not make a reappearance.

Go check out the UFO 2 Kickstarter here!

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