Friday, April 05, 2013

Short films to encourage spiritual conversations, and a chance to win an iPad Mini

My friends at the Global Short Film Network are holding a contest right now to encourage people to use short films to have spiritual conversations. I asked my friend Joe Poe to send us a brief introduction to the contest and the Short Film Network. Here it is below!
In this fast-paced, ever changing culture, people are engaging their friends with new forms of technology daily. Communication and technology are intertwined in a way that has become a natural mode of conversation. Global Short Film Network provides a tool for our culture in the form of short films. We believe that the power of story, told through films, connects with the heart and provides the pathway for the gospel to be heard.

Now till the end of April, Global Short Film Network is hosting a contest to showcase using short films as a tool that connects a person’s story to the spiritual issues within the film. By doing so you have a chance to win an iPad mini. To enter, we are asking people to share a series of short films from our website to a group of friends, peers, co-workers, etc. Each film comes with discussion questions that provide deeper discussion. If you are having trouble brainstorming ways to share short films to multiple people, here is an Outreach Guide to help get you started.

Everyone is entered to win by simply filling out the submissions page on our contest website. For a complete list of rules on how to enter, please visit

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