Friday, March 08, 2013

This Fat Kitty exercises by swimming

I've been trying to get in shape lately, which means I've been exercising regularly and trying to eat (slightly) less snack food.

But then there's this cat, who only weighs thirteen pounds, trying to lose weight by swimming. It's a funny sight. Funny enough that the newscaster can't keep it together until the end of the article:

 I just used a laser pointer to exercise our cats. But I guess if I had a kitty life vest I would have considered this.


  1. I think listening to the news anchor was funnier than the video! I would think getting the kitty to run around would be much better than swimming . . .

    BTW - I am re-reading Imaginary Jesus (this time on my iPhone) and am finding it as impactful as the first time. I think every Christian should read this!

  2. mattmikalatos8:14 PM

    Thanks, Sheila! That cat looked like it might have some joint problems or something. Didn't seem to be able to walk very well.